Radio Roasters Introduces Steeped Coffee Bags

Coffee connoisseurs can enjoy the power of a good cup of coffee on-the-go with Radio Roasters’ new single-use Steeped Coffee Bags. Reinventing the way imbibers brew and drink specialty coffee, the Steeped Coffee Bags consisting of Radio Roasters’ premium Hi/Fi Blend from Colombia and Ethiopia, has guilt-free, biodegradable packaging that is fully recyclable and environmentally responsible.

Nitro-sealed, removing any oxygen that will affect flavor and quality, the Steeped Coffee Bags highlight bright, smooth and sweet berry notes in an instant when hot water is added following these three simple steps: Submerge, Saturate and Steep. The longer the bag steeps, the stronger and more robust the flavor becomes, allowing coffee drinkers to create the flavor profile that best suits their tastes with a six-month shelf-life.

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