Optima Presents OPTIMA FM1 and OPTIMA CMi at WestPack

Optima made its first appearance at WestPack in Anaheim, where it tackled the challenges facing the packaging industry today. At the show, experts from Optima’s American subsidiary – the Optima Corporation from Green Bay, Wis. presented their expertise in bottling, dispensing and packaging consumer products.
Dynamic markets, an ever-shorter time to market and increasingly complex packaging processes are some of the key challenges facing the packaging industry. At the trade fair, Optima presented two machines designed to meet these requirements.

The OPTIMA FM1 filling machine and the OPTIMA CM1 sealing machine reportedly enable quick entry into the cosmetics, food and chemicals markets. This is made possible by the machines’ short delivery time, plug-and-play design and low space requirement. The devices are ideal for filling glass and plastic containers, while the OPTIMA CM1 can be used to place stoppers, screw caps and press-on caps onto containers. Both machines offer up to 100 different formats. Being flexible, they can either be operated individually or in coordination with each other.