PET Bottles – Global Markets, Economics, Environmental Impact, Technology, and Participants

“PET Bottles 2015 – 2019” is the definitive study of the global PET bottle industry. The study provides technology assessments, economic and environmental analyses, industry drivers, market statistics, market forecasts, and profiles of industry participants.

What will drive the PET bottle industry in the future? The rebound in the water market is very promising considering the huge volume of PET bottles used in the water market. A new oat-based breakfast drink may wake up early risers and the PET bottle market. Hybrid drinks such as the combination of tea and pomegranate or sports and energy are powering forward.

Or perhaps it will be hybrid technology that makes the difference. One stage and two stage production equipment may be supplanted by one and one-half stage equipment. Compression molding preforms could have a huge impact. Extrusion blow molding PET bottles is picking up steam. Blowing bottles with the product itself is highly innovative.

“PET Bottles 2015 to 2019” examines all this and more.

What Sets this Study Apart?

> Quantified market analyses of the global PET bottle market by volume (units) and value

> Detailed market forecasts and analyses for many segmentations

> Quantitative economic and environmental impact comparisons of the latest PET bottle designs

> Accurate profiles of industry participants with content specific to the PET bottle industry


Publication date: FEB 23, 2015

Study number: RPETB15A

Copyright: Allied Development Corp.

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Report Length: 280

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