Topic: (3) Costly Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making on Your Production Line

The 3 most Common Mistakes when buying Marking and Coding Solutions

Mistake 1 – Buying a marking solution that isn’t integration ready or requires additional software and hardware configurations to populate marking needs.

Improve Efficiency
• Reduction in time management of template development
• Elimination of Human Error with a cost-effective SAP or PLC integration

Mistake 2 – Buying a marking solution that can be integrated but won’t communicate with other marking or production devices on your production line

Easily Integrate
• Production line integration of Matthews and competitive marking devices
• Integration data source for track and trace.

Mistake 3 – Buying a marking solution without consideration of future growth and regulations.

MPERIA® Grows with you
• Scalable

Join us as Mike Orcutt, Business Development Director at Matthews Marking Systems, takes you through common errors CPG companies are making on their production line, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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