Flexible Pouch Packaging

| October 27, 2016
Massman FlexPack HFS 1500

Massman FlexPack HFS 1500

The Massman FlexPack HFS series of packagers is designed to accommodate a wide range of package sizes. The HFS-1500 is a 15″ pitch machine with a pouch size range from 4″ width x 5″ height to 12.5″ width x15.5″ height with a maximum gusset of 5″. The HFS series packager will have a modular design to allow for maximum design flexibility on a per application basis to meet a variety of customer needs. The HFS series of packagers will allow for the addition of a pouch forming section for maximized material cost savings.


Massman FlexPack HFS 1500 Design Advantages:

  • Custom sealed bearing pouch transport conveyer “eliminates chain stretch”
  • Servo moto drives and controls on critical elements
  • Wide size range to satisfy a variety of products
  • Modular design for special application requirements
  • Wash down construction as needed per application
  • Fast repeatable change overs
  • Small footprint to maximize floor space utilization
  • Design allows provisions for future pouch former

FlexPack HFS Information Sheet

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