Dynaric Ultra Fast Automatic Strapping – Banding Machine-D3500

| March 21, 2016

Dynaric D3500The D3500 Ultra Fast Automatic Strapping – Banding Machine is Ideal for Banding of Totes, Cut Paper, Boxes, Cartons, Mail Trays, Linens, Newspapers, Magazines and Wood-Lumber

This banding machine is already the talk of the industry and becoming a standard banding machine in many applications.

The D3500 ultra fast automatic strapping – banding machine is capable of bundling up to 75 straps per minute. With speed that fast you will notice it taking less time to secure products. The D3500 ultra fast banding machine specializes in banding totes, cut paper, boxes, cartons, mail trays, linens, newspapers, magazines and wood-lumber.

The D3500 uses energy efficient servo motors to reduce power consumption while increasing overall performance and reliability of the mechanical system. For the banding machine to withstand the fast banding speed the arch had to be redesigned, this increased long-term reliability and minimized misfeeds.

The functionality of the banding machine remains the same as the D3300, EASY! The machine is virtually ready to work right out of the box.

For extra savings use Dynaric’s extra-long footage coils (XL), when you spend less time changing coils you have more time to band your product.

Features & Benefits

  • Servo motors drive the strapping unit, reducing power consumption while increasing overall performance.
  • Newly designed arch offers quieter and more reliable operation.
  • Compact, lightweight assembly for easy mobility throughout your facility
  • Compact, low maintenance sealer head
  • Adjustable table height
  • External strap dispenser allows you to use Dynaric XL coils
  • Stainless steel tensioning roller
  • Cycle time capable of 75 straps per minute
  • Loop kick-out feature eliminates strap jams
  • Faster warm-up time reduces production delays
  • Easily accessible strap feed unit for trouble free automatic strap feeding
  • External dispenser permits visibility of strap coil
  • Automatic strap discharge mechanism removes any leftover strap when strap coil is finished and in case of a misfeed
  • External control pad allows for easy machine adjustments

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