Inspection & Testing Systems

Accu-Glass, LLC has been partnering with customers to provide integrated glass tubing solutions for over 50 years. Proprietary glass melting processes, customized glass manufacturing equipment, and advanced measurement systems allow us to meet customer requirements around the globe. Accu-Glass specializes in evaluating a customer’s concept, designing an engineered solution to produce prototypes, and producing finished components that can be integrated into the customers’ device.

ALLIEDFLEX® is the leading North American supplier of Global Standup Pouch Packaging Machinery. ALLIEDFLEX® specializes in Global Pouch Machinery for Standup zipper or “slider” styles, retort pouch, spouted pouch, “shaped” pouch, side gusseted and stick-pack packaging machinery technologies from the most respected suppliers in the world.

Certified Machinery Inc. has been a manufacturer of product handling systems for 15 years. Our Twin Belt Transport & Diverter units allow for smooth transfer between conveying systems and provide a stable environment for printing and labeling. Printing options include, but are not limited to, bottom coding; and have been incorporated will all continuous ink jet printers.

Testing Inks & Pens – Surface Tension Testing or Metal Cleanliness Testing The surface energy is one decisive criterion for the adhesion of printing ink, glue, varnish, etc. on many plastic and metal surfaces. It is given in mN/m (milliNewton per meter, currently valid unit) or in dyne/cm (dyne per centimeter, old unit, same numerical value). Apart from some exceptions the general rule is: The higher the surface energy of a material, the better is the adhesion of anything meant to be fixed to its surface. Reasons for a low surface energy on the one hand might be material specific. For example, many plastics show a very low surface energy and therefore need a chemical or physical treatment to achieve a good adhesion on them. On the other hand, contaminations of the surface (grease, oil, or finger prints) might be a reason for a low surface energy.

Norpix Inc

NorPix inc, provides high speed trouble shooting solutions for your packaging line. Capture from 100 up to 2,000 frames per second at various resolutions.
Capture solutions are available for a single or multiple cameras simultaneously, synchronized for easy playback. Capture solutions available with laptops or desktops computers.
Trigger your start stop recording with looping and event markers.

RDG / is a leading manufacturer and system integrator of conventional 2D and the latest 3D Machine Vision Systems for product and package / labeling inspection. We provide Print Quality Inspection and linear 1D as well as 2D Barcode Quality Verification systems meeting ISO/ANSI standards. verification of barcodes. Solutions include conventional area based cameras as well high speed line scan based camera solutions for tasks like label and blister package web inspection.

Our 3D vision system solutions with laser projection allow for complete product inspection in the X,Y and Z axis and combining multiple units allows us to perform internal part inspections where even internal features can be measured and inspected where conventional 2D systems could never accomplish such tasks. This capability allows us to check internal dimensions on medical devices and virtually any type of part. Using 3D inspection systems we can not only inspect fixed parts that are constantly built to the same dimensions but we can also inspect food items in every axis and calculate their mass/weight at high speeds. We inspect baked goods, dough rolls, vegetables, fruits, candy, crackers and much more at rates exceeding 3600 items per minute on conveyors up to 48 inches wide with multiple lanes of product and no orientation constraints on the items on the conveyor.

Our web inspection solutions inspect webs running at speeds as high as 1500 FPM. We can provide in-line low cost vision solutions for thermal printing systems as well as high speed solutions for the fastest applications. The off-line barcode quality verification solutions we offer grade 1D and 2D symbologies, are GS-1 US certified, and we have true medical device and pharmaceutical grade IQ/OQs and test card sets to offer for validation of these systems. Our barcode experience dates to 1975.

Steinfurth, Inc.

Steinfurth is known as innovator in the area of automated instruments and solutions for combined quality control on beverages and beverage packages. Except of beverages industry we provide solutions for packaging, food and pharmaceutical industry.

The company invests consequently in Research & Development and continues to offer new solutions for automated quality control operations – all products are developed in close cooperation to the global brand owners in the industry.

Customer satisfaction, flexibility, creativity and enthusiasm for innovation are the cornerstones of our business philosophy.

Yamato is an industry leader for combination weighers, checkweighers, and casepackers. Yamato offers packaging solutions that cover a wide variety of markets and applications. More than 100 models of combination weighers and multihead weighers are available including mixing, blending, high speed and fragile handling, low-piece counts, high sanitation and multiple point discharges. Yamato provides the best support and industry training for your investment with our Genuine Yamato Parts & Service program.